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All students are welcomed in our college in this new session. "Education is a Boon, and Un-Education is a curse." Education does not mean only Literacy or Knowledge of the books or to achieve the Degree of any Educational University. In fact, Education means- " All round development of the personality." i.e. Physical, intellectual and Spiritual progess of the persons.

The students of our college, may progress in all spheres of life and with devotion, sincerity and hard working may enlighten the society with the "Divya Prakash" of Education, these are my blessings and good wishes for them.

It should be remembered here, that poverty, Low caste, Rural and Interior surroundings may create hindrance in the path of the Progress, "Strong will power" however is key to progress.

                                                       With good wishes,


                                                                                                                                                                                 D.P. Degree College


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